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easy steer for Yamaha Venture

just in case there is anyone out there looking to add a sidecar to a late model ie 97 to maybe 05 Royal Star Venture I have a practically new easy steer for sale. it is the only size made, I think it's a 4.5  made by Hannigan 

ALSO and I know this isn't sidecar related but, I have a Voyager trike kit that came off a 99 Yamaha Royal Star Venture 

it has a custom bushing suspension that allows to remove the shocks and offers a better ride, also has new tires and LED lights 

both of these will also fit the Yamaha Road Star in the same year range 

I paid 1000.00  for the easy steer, if interested make me an offer

same goes for the Voyager kit, if  interested make an offer 

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