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Early Velorex suspension upgrade

I have one(1) only early heavy duty suspension bolt on upgrade that fits all Velorex sidecars with 15mm axles.
This upgrade allows the early cars to work well with the larger and much heavier late model bikes without wallowing and bottoming out in the curves and s. The early 15mm suspension was designed to support a 300# Jawa motorcycle.
No other alterations needed, just unbolt the old and bolt in the new propriatory swingarm, hub, and a modular wheel.

I have been supplying these kits since 1995 but this will be the last one due to my health problems.

The price is $300. including priority US shipping and handling. Check payable to:

Lonnie Cook
10050 S. Idlewood St.
Boise, ID 83709

Or, PayPal.


I'm interested. Is this still available?


74 BMW R60/6 with Velorex 562 sidecar, 2000 Ural Bavarian Classic, 2007 Ural Patrol


Please note the date on Lonnie's post.  Lonnie has retired [unless he changed his mind, which I hope he did]

Lonnie died a few years ago. The cancer finally got the best of him. I miss that guy and was  proud to call him my friend. My '03 Dyna/Spalding outfit was his before it was mine.

Quote from Reardan Tom on April 4, 2020, 7:57 pm

Lonnie....  I miss that guy....

Sure do.

Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300