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Eagle spirit of america

I am looking for a Eagle Spirit of America sidecar. I live in florida and i am willing to travel to get it or have delivered. I have a 1975 Kawaskai Z1 900 that was my fathers. I was with him on the day he bought it off the show room floor, it had the vetter fairing(with CB/radio) and a SOA sidecar. He sold the sidecar years ago and he has finally passed it down to me as a gift. I have the orginal sales receipt and orginal title for all he bought that year. I want to restore his bike and buy a SOA sidecar to have as a family heirloom. I have even looked at florida tag agency and they have a tag avliable with - DADS Z1.. I will some day pass it down to my son and tag will still fit...Ok so it sounds a bit musshy, but any help finding a SOA sidecar would be a great help. Price is determined by condion and location.

PS...looking to join in on some of the rides when the project is complete.

Thank you,
Craig Capion
Palm Bay Florida