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Dual purpose/adventure rig wanted for a friend in NC.

Hello friends,

a good old friend, Rick C., in North Carolina has decided (after some "minor persuasion" from my sideWink) to jump into the water and get a rig for him and his 9 grandkids. After decades without 2 wheels he now seems to be ready for to start a new life episode on 3 wheels to protect the rivers in NC and introduce the grandchildren into the adventure.

Due to his size 6'5"+ and frequent forest road transit a tiny Ural would not fit him for long. So a solid Beemer GS, Africa Twin, KTM, Triumph Tiger, V-Strom or simular dual purpose / adventure rig would fit best to him.

Is someone here on the forum willing to part with such a rig or knows where to locate one?

From my side I want to take care to teach Rick on a fly and ride action in these coming few weeks and would be happy to find a decent and safe ride for him and his family. Such a Christmas gift for the whole family would be a good start and well deserved thanks to a great person.

Thank you very much in advance for all hints.



PS for CCJon: Hello Jan, if plans change a bit, I might come back to your offer for myself still. We will see on the run what turns out and destiny brings. One day at a time will change the day to come.



Email sent

Thank you Don, it looks great and close to what I guess is the best set up for Rick.