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DMC K Bike subframe for sale

Start your BMW K bike project off right. New, never mounted [actually never even unpacked] subframe for BMW K bike. Made by Dauntless. I bought this for a project and decided to go another way before I used it. New price is $775 plus freight, mine is $575 including freight in CONUS. Save $200 plus on your K bike project.

Price: $575

Location: Central Wisconsin
Contact: Al Olme
E-mail address:
Telephone: 612-759-4666

BMW started making K bikes in 1985 I think they still are. What year's does it fit. I have a Danuntless subframe on my K75 1992 it will fit on my K100 1985 and my 86,87,94 but not some of the new ones. Good price.

As I understand it, this fits BMW K100 through BMW K1100. Jay, is that right?


Is your K bike subframe still available?


Thanks for asking but this ad is old and the subframe was sold long ago.