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Complete Spirit of America—Eagle

No. Still sitting in my garage.

I am interested , but I have an IRBITZ, too heavy for R60/2 (to me) to sell/trade before getting another. IRBITZ is in excellent condition
with new parts and army green primer. I tried to send RobsWing photo but don't remember how to do it.I am not even sure whether the message went to him.mmmm
Where are you? Ship cost is a factor to overall cost.
The COZY looks to need elbow grease, TLC, prob bearings and tire and paint. Looks good to me. I've worked much worse stuff to restore.
If I had $$$$, I'd buy a STEIB for the R60/2. Your 'not getting top dollar' is encouraging.

Jon Thornton .. I can send photos in reg. email easily

zip 36532

I'm in northern New Jersey.
The shell is in very good shape. The rig has very few miles on it.
But it was underwater for about 6 hours after hurricane Irene. So you'll probably want to look carefully at the wiring and the suspension.

My apology if I have already replied to this message. I received a couple of messages prior to the holidays.
Yes, I do have the rig. The price is best offer. See the thread for recent posts.

I am interested but I need more information to set up U-Ship. I did a 'guess-timate' estimate which came to $450 from zip 10956 to 36532.
I do not know your city or your actual zip code.
I will call if you send your phone #.
You can use my email address found on my FORUM profile page to send your phone number to me.
I prefer to use PayPal for the transaction if a deal works out.
I found that the Spitit of AMerica units sold new for $300-$400 back in early 70s.

$4.00 an hour was pretty good wages in the early 70's, too.

I am interested but need for you to contact me now. I do not have enough info to proceed. Maybe Lonnie will buy it if you do not choose to contact me.

still have this side car?.. I can pick up ..I am in me at 570 900 1991..thanks dan

this unit has been sold and delivered .

I have a 1955 Irbitz in excellent shape with new parts. It is near identical to Ural or Steib, It has 'ball&clamp type mounts.
Need to sell.

Jon is correct this has been sold (to Jon).