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Complete Spirit of America—Eagle

Since I have received no interest from people on this forum I'm going to post this on Craig's list. Can one of the knowledgeable members suggest an asking price? I’m not particularly interested in extracting top dollar. I mostly want to get this out of my garage before winter if possible.

Purchased in the early 1970s and stored in the basement since. Submerged in hurricane Irene. I believe everything is intact, except one snap for the tonneau cover.
Best offer.
Purchaser must pickup or arrange shipment from northern New Jersey.

Attached files

Any Takers yet...I am restoring a Honda GL1100 that I want to setup for a Sidecar Rig. Not much money but lots of time to rehab. Let me know, I can pick up if we can get it into my 2012 Jeep GC...Let me know, will watch thread for response.

In have someone coming to look at it this weekend. If he doesn't take it I will let you know.


That tiny Spirit is not enough sidecar for your Oldwing. Look for a used Velorex or larger [preferably larger].

Of course, this is just my opinion, you'll hear others.

I am new at this so all opinions are welcome.
If you see or hear of a Hack that would fit well to my GL1100, please let me know.

I have not heard back from the the other guy. Let me know if you are interested.

I have that same one on my bike. Good size for being so lightweight. It looks like it has upgraded mounts, which is good because the originals were purely for aesthetic reasons.
Good luck with the sale

Hi Gene,
Do you still have it and how much were you asking for it.

sold mine on Craig's list for $1100

have you gotten rid of it yet?
Jon in Mobile. Al.