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complete rig wanted

Happy New Year

This is my year to get on the road.

Looking for a complete rig. Prefer H-D or Honday. Must be excellent condition and trouble free (obviously within reason)

would be nice to have a reverse and auto-shift or to be added.

Thank you


I have a 2001 Road King with Matching Harley side car. Rig is red and has 18000 miles. Excellent condition, just east of St Louis $15,000

If you want to do a little work yourself, I have a 1996 H-D sidecar and a 2000 Electra Glide police bike that I would consider selling. They are not currently connected but I have all the parts you would need. PM me if you have any interest. Edit - sidecar is sold.

I have a 2007 midnight Silverado 1700cc with matching velorex sidecar..This Yamaha roadstar will run true blue on the freeway.Side car has heavy duty kit.Black with studs and has many many extras..Call for details 262-391-8507 Thanks Jody $12000..Low Miles

I have a Honda Goldwing with a California Friendship 3, asking $8500. Pictures in the complete rigs for sale section.

1975 BMW with cal. friendship 111 double wide. I see you want reverse,,I always had the wife get out and push me backwards. Works really well.ll
the technical work that has been done to my bike lately was at MotoGhost on Deer Valley Rd. In Phoenix,Az.. Such as setting the valves, rebuilt my carbs. I just do the oil changes,brake shoes,plugs. The engine was built at Kegal Motorcycle Co. ,,,by John Rambo whom has sense retired. My early years with the bike were traveling around the country with the wife and my twin girls in the double wide sidecar., and i had to pull a trailer traveling with 3 women. The hack is mounted to the bike via a sub-frame which ties the left side of the bike to the rite side.. That i had mounted around 1985 and at that time i was running a Vellerx single hack,,the twins were small then. Lowell Neff from Tuscon Az. built the leading -link front end,,,,i believe around 1991 and that is when i purchased the California Friendship 111,,double wide hack,(the twins were getting bigger). The hack was mounted by Joe Rabacheck,,from Woodstock,Il. The kids traveled with us up till the latter part of 1995,,and then it was just me and the wife. Didn't really ride much any more. Went to the BMW rally in Charlston W. Virgina.. After that moved to Wickenburg,AZ. Rode some,had the ignition and charging system up-graded . Bought a tear-drop trailer in AZ. and pulled it up to Redmond,Or. Got around 25 mpg,,,not really that bad. With just the 2 of us,i get around 33 mpg. Always keep in the garage,,,thats why i'm having a garage built so i can finally put my Titan in the main garage.
Feel free to call me,i can answer most questions.

Ray B. 517-392-0674

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