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Champion Escort Wanted - Maybe

I am selling my sidecar rig in order to put another together that is capable of highway speeds, climbing moderate grades and easier for my wife who has hip and knee issues to get in and out of. From what I can see on the market the Champion Escort looks like it would work well. I am looking first for someone who has one not too far away who would allow us to come by and try it out, just have her get in and out. If you have a used one for sale we are also interested in buying. We live in SW Ohio so anyone in Ohio, KY, IN. even southern Mich or IL.
David Knight

I don't want to sell mine, and I really think you don't want an Escort for her impending disabilities.
With that said, if you want to throw her in an Escort mine id here at my house, in the garage. If you find yourself in Richmond Ky, feel free to call and come over if we're here.

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Oh, maybe this will make it easier to call; 859-494-2259

Too late at night to call now. You will hear from me soon. Richmond IN? Thank you.

No, Richmond Ky, sorry i thought I typed the state too. Call any time tomorrow or Wednesday before lunch, Dr app after lunch, be off for a couple hours

Hadn't heard from you this week, you still coming down this weekend?

I have to deliver the BMW rig to a buyer tomorrow morning and I was going to call tomorrow to see if you would be home. If we cannot do it then, I don't think I want to travel on Sunday so it will have to be another weekend. Are you going to be around tomorrow?

I'll be back around 3pm, for the rest of the day. You have number,,call when you are within an hour of here.