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California Sidecar Friendship III 1997 Sold!

SOLD.  1997 California Sidecar Friendship III, $3800. The front hatch opens up so passengers can get in and out easily. Holds two passengers with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. The sidecar empty weight is 225 lbs.  It has the standard frame that will fit Harley's and many other motorcycles and will fit a GL 1500 or GL 1800 if the extension kit is welded on the front of the frame. It is black. Sidecar has a very large trunk, seat belt, air vent in the floor, Brembo FO4 brake with a lean control on the suspension and new rim, 145R13 tire, chrome center cap and lug nuts, two new gas springs to hold hatch open, new trunk lock, new OEM back seat cushion. I have the frame for the convertible top but not the vinyl. I have OEM CSC  NOS mounting kits for 1984 to 2009 Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles and Softails, GL1500 and Valkyrie mounts.  You will need a mounting kit for your particular motorcycle model. Call

Located in New Port Richey Florida just north of Tampa. Come to sunny Florida on vacation and go home with this cool sidecar.

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Sidehack05 1999 H-D FLHR with Champion Legend Sidecar