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California Sidecar Friendship II for Sale $2800 ($3000 includes 1980 HondaGL1100)

I have posted this on both the Complete Rigs board and here also.

This California Sidecar Friendship II was purchased in 1990 by my mom, who passed away 2 yrs ago. 

She bought the complete rig (1980 Honda GL1100 (54,010 org miles ) and the attached California Sidecar. The  motorcycle was in good running condition and the sidecar was in excellent condition at the time of purchase.  The motorcycle currently has 55,758 mi and has major electrical issues, due to additional lighting being added incorrectly, although the motor will turn over. It is definitely a project bike, which I have neither the expertise or the time to make it great again. The motorcycle has not been plated or inspected for past 12 years. It has however, been stored in a heated garage and kept covered.

The California Sidecar is in very good condition, the interior is older but not torn, the roof fits well and snaps in place. It has the larger tire with the 4 lug wheel and the Torsion bar. The paint is still beautiful, although there are a few scratches. 

I would prefer to sell as one unit, but if someone is interested in the Sidecar alone, I am asking $2800.

Location is Beaver County Pa, which is north of Pittsburgh Pa

Buyer is responsible for pick up, Purchase by cash or Certified check

If you are interested please contact me at; or (724) 601-343





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