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SOLD - California Friendship w/ 4 Point Mount - Denver, CO - $1500 - SOLD

2/23/19 UPDATE: This sidecar has sold.

California Friendship w/ 4 Point Mount - Denver, CO - $1500

I have owned this sidecar a few years and several thousand miles. It was my daily driver, weekend cruiser and touring rig. It is in good mechanical condition and all lights work. Wheel bearing seal replaced and bearings repacked in 2018. A new Gustafsson windshield was installed in 2017. Paint is aged. Fiberglass is solid. Top is good and stitching was replaced with heavy duty UV resistant thread in 2017. Windows are marginally functional and are worse for wear because they have shrunk with age. The rear window crack seen in the pics has been sewn up since photo was taken. Passenger seat has mounts though not currently bolted in. Upohlstry is worn and could use a good subbing. The sidecar comes complete with all mounting hardware to install on Honda Goldwing GL1100 or similar tubular steel framed motorcycle. See pics for details.



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More pictures.

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This sidecar has sold.