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California Friendship 1 (SOLD)


California Friendship Sidecar

Overall good condition, tire, seat, carpet, ect. All lights work. A few nicks and scratches but structurally sound.

Currently attached to a Kawasaki Vulcan (removes in 15 minutes)

$1,400 or best offer


(bike-side mounts not included)
Can deliver within 100 miles of Houston, TX


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Hey Sal, CCjon in Cypress here.

Might be able to make an offer for that sidecar. Will know in a couple of weeks.

(361) 813-7374


Hey there CCjon,

Hope you been doing great. We moved away from 290 but still in the Houston area.

Let me know in a couple of weeks and I'll take a ride out your way.


Hi Sal,

Do you have any more photos you can post of the condition (paint, interior, etc.)?  Do you ever head up to Indianapolis for any reason?




The exterior has some scratches and imperfections in the paint but no body damage.

Interior is pretty clean, no tears in carpet. Seat is in good shape except for the back side where it rubs on the sidecar's body. It has a tear there.

All lights work and no cracks in the lenses.

Wheel is in pretty good shape.

Windshield has some smudges but no one has ever complained.

Frame is solid and rust free (may have some oxidation)

Sorry,  I hardly get out off Texas Thanks. Here are some better pics...


Pic 1

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Pic 2

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Pic 3

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Pic 4

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Hi Sal,

Looks like a good deal for a person who lives closer.  Just to clarify, this unit doesn't hinge open, like the other California Friendship sidecars do, does it?  The photos make it look like you can only climb in the top.