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California frendship 3

does anyone know where I can get hinges for hatch for a California friendship3 SIDECAR Not a Trike

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17 views none know where to get them

Florida has a lot of parts. Been looking at Velorex parts from him, not 100% what I want, but for 35 years old, he's at least got stuff that will fit that pretty much no one else does. 🙂

The trunk uses regular hinges. The hidden hinges for the canopy are a fabricated part that CSC made. I have also seen these with hinges similar to the trunks used externally on the canopy.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Try “Grainger” they have all types of hinges . Google them, Industrial supply company.

I have order these from E-Bay they are cast Stainless Steel 6'' Cast Strap Hinge For Boat Marine think should do will but some 1/4 thk. plate on the inside
Thanks to eveyrone who posted