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Brand new rubber bushing swingarm for Cali sidecars

I had not owned my new-to-me California Friendship I for very long before the antiquated torsion arm suspension took a dump. After consulting with the guys from both DMC and Florida Sidecar Products, I decided to replace the 30-year-old+ VW leaf spring technology with the recommended FR1400B "Flex-ride axle" by Universal Group. They are sold in pairs, and obviously I only need one.

This model is the heavier version, and will be mounted on a VTX1300 rig. It is my understanding that the opposite side may be flipped and used in the identical manner. I paid $255. and drove an hour and a half each way to the distributor to pick the pair up; the manufacturer does not sell directly to consumers.

The side that I am not using is For Sale: $150 + shipping.

Multiple pics can be found at the bottom of the page.
I believe the quote from Jay at DMC was $650 if you'd like to send the piece to them for the addition of a Brembo brake.

If you are interested, please email me at as I am rarely on the forum.
Thanks and I hope that someone can use this other side for their ailing sidecar.

Sold, Thanks guys.
Will post when I get it back from my mechanic to expound on the changes.