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Bolt on Suspension upgrade for Velorex sidecars Plus.

This Bolt on conversion kit allows pre 2005 Velorex sidecars to support larger bikes with 1,100cc's or more, also for heavy loading and dual sport work.
Fits all 15mm axle Velorex's 562, 562E and 700 models. No more bottoming out or wallowing in the turns, great for dual sport work.

Swingarms with the 15mm axles were designed to support a 350# JAWA or MZ. My swingarm will support a bike almost twice that weight.

Uses modular wheel with 4.80x12" or 5.35x12" flat tread tire. Includes Heavy Duty swingarm with 1" axle, standard 4"on 4" hub with Timken bearings.

Straight bolt on modification. No welding or other mods needed. $300. with US shipping.

Lonnie Cook, Ret'd.
Northwest Sidecars
Boise, Idaho
Ph. 208-629-8409

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How can I tell if my (new to me) 562 standard has this mod already installed. I've been told it is a pre 2000 model. The suspension seems a bit soft. It is on a large bike (Yamaha VSTAR 1100). It was installed by Sidestrider (Doug B.), so I'm assuming the necessary mods were performed for this bike. The only obvious mod I can see is a large steel ballast plate below the car. There is also a steering dampener. Thanks in advance for your help!

If you have the stock spoked wheel and your swingarm looks like #23 on the attached illustration you have the original swingarm with a 15mm axle.


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Lonnie, thank you for the quick reply! So, the original lower shock attachment is in front of the axle and the HD conversion it is behind? What other parts are necessary for the conversion? Will the original fender still work? Does the new hub have a 5 bolt pattern? Where are those wheels available?

Our bolt on suspension upgrade uses a heavy duty swingarm with 1" axle. The hub is now 4 lug.
It uses a 12" modular wheel with a 4.80 series flat tread tire.
Chrome, galvanized or powder coated wheels are widely available from trailer supply stores, Lowe's, home Depot, Harbor Freight and others.

Nothing else is needed. The kit is priced at $300.00 including US shipping.


Great, PM sent.

Pm sent

Did this sell?

The "in stock" Suspension kit was sold, but I can fabricate one on a special order. $300.00 with US shipping.


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Interested, PM me off line or check your PM's

How about the /2 collet mount kit? Got any?

Collet kit?
I have collets and the URAL weld on ball mounts as shown in the pix. I have a couple of balls with threaded stub that I use for subframe fabrication.


Would this suspension kit be adaptable to using a different wheel, like a v storm 19" front? Or maybe a 17 motorcycle wheel?

No, just 4 lug bolt auto type wheels.

I was afraid of that. I'm researching whether I want to fit a velorex up to a dual sport bike I have or if I should find a heavier duty sidecar. The axel upgrade is a must but I'd like to use the same mc tire that I have on the bike if possible. I have a 19" front wheel and a 17" rear.

I have a Velorex 560 from the 70's. Is there a way to upgrade to axle on that older model?

Earle, Lonnie passed away. I'm currently upgrading mine using his idea. I wish I would have bought it from him when I had the chance, but by the time I decided, he had sold all he had and wasn't making more.


I'm planning on submitting my trials and tribulations as an article for the magazine, the last bit (hopefully) is currently being welded up. I think it's a lot for a topic here, but if you want me to share, I will.


Bottom line: you should probably get a bigger sidecar, and sell this to someone with a smaller bike. The process is a PitA, and unless you really want to get deep in how a sidecar fits together, or are just a stubborn cuss like me, it really isn't worth it. Free material and machining is also a plus, when my tool maker friends were laid off, it cost me $250 to get this last part done (notice Lonnie's complete kit was $300).