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BMW subframe wanted for R1100GS or R100

Hello all, I would like to put a hack on one of my BMW's to ride while I am rebuilding my old /2 conversion rig. I need a sub-frame to mount a Ural sidecar onto my R1100GS, or my 1984 R100 BMW.

My neighbor is an excellent fabricator, so if I borrowed a 'loaner' subframe, we could build one....but I would prefer to buy one.

Any help appreciated. Thinking about attending a few rallies this summer! Hal in cold CT

We make such a sub frame, My current bike is an R1100GS, We also make steering modifications for this bike, This is the least expensive bike we have steering modifications for at only $350. We make an automotive rear wheel convesion for the rear of the GS. In development right now is a brake pedal for the R1100GS to work a disk brake. We also make sub frames for your R100. For the Ural to work with our sub frames you must cut off the lower front mount from the sidecar frame and weld on an adjustable lower front mount. We then have you weld a new lower rear mount further forward as the newer bikes the frame is not as long as a Ural (or your /2) and as such if you use the stock location there is a lot of flex. We then change out all of the lower mounts using "boss and clamp" type mounts that attach using 5/8 inch hiem joints.
If you do not want to modify your Ural we make a sidecar very similar to the Ural called the M72D as well as a version that is 4 inches wider we call the M72DX and as we build 1-2 BMW GS sidecar bikes a week we have developed a lot of neat stuff for the GS sidecar including interchangeable wheels between the rear of the bike and the sidecar, electric trim and lots more
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

I have a DMC subframe and trail reducer (steering modification) I just took off my 1995 R1100r. If you are interested you can have the subframe for half price plus shipping and I will throw in the trail reducer. If I can be of assistance give me a holler at ( I’ll send my phone number and we can visit.

Your post was a long time ago, January by now you’ve probable been cross country and back in your new sidecar. However, let me know if I can assist.

Presently we are living in west Texas and we have been over 100’F for the last three months. Our first 45 years was spent in Agawam, MA. We know what cold CT is like. Charlie