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BMW RS - RUKO/Shark - 2016 - Santa Barbara California

Price - $35,000.00

Milage - 11,176 

BMW was shipped to Germany for construction. Why? In order to have a compliant EPA/DOT rig you have to start with one that has been approved, that is a USA motorcycle. Rig has more air miles than road mile. Air vs water shipping about the same.
A one person Shark tub was used, along with a 20 liter auxiliary fuel tank under tub.

Photos; Front, center hub steering supported by A arms. Rear, with radius arm control. Side, vertical recirculating slide mounts. Last photo, rig at RUKO showing 20 liter fuel tank.
Rig comes complete with owners manual.
Please, interested buyers only with questions.

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The engineering that went into that set up is amazing. If you offer test rides, call me.....




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Reardan Tom1bmwmc

Please give me a call at....808-419-1190.Thank you....Martin Vollert