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BMW R90/6 rig - Sold 8/16/2021

1976 R90/6 upgraded to 1,000 cc.

DNEPR sidecar.

Dauntless subframe.

Earles fork for easy steering.

Dual rotor Brembo brakes.

Brake on sidecar wheel controlled by front brake lever.

Handles well and runs strong.

Katdash instrument lighting.

New/Old stock wiring harness installed by DBEAR Sidecar Works.

Motorrad Elektrik 600 watt charging system.

Matching snowflake wheels.

Luftmeister fairing.

Matching top case.

Auxiliary lights.

Many other enhancements.

Asking $8,250.

Located in Camden Ohio at DBEAR Sidecar Works.

Contact George Nyktas at (513) 314-1931 or

Can be seen at DBEAR Sidecar by appointment.

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1bmwmcThane Lewis

What’s the mileage on the tug? What is a comfortable cruising speed when 2up?

The bike has about 55000 on the speedometer but it is not necessarily accurate.  It will cruise comfortably at 65.


However it was sold yesterday.

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Thane Lewis