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BMW R1150GSA Rig for Sale Located in Denver, CO $15,000 or B/O

This rig has been built with a 2002 BMW R1150GSA base bike that has 57k miles, the sidecar frame was a new purchased Dauntless Motors chassis and has full suspension and a separate disk brake.  The sidecar body is a vintage all steel BMW type car estimated to be 40+ years old and in excellent condition.  The bike has custom 15" wheels and automobile tires, the hack has the original rear wheel and tire from the bike.  The motor was replaced with a BMW dealer rebuilt 2004 dual spark motor with a factory new short block.  The engine has 5,000 miles on it since the rebuild and runs very strong.  The rig has three new Wilbers shocks setup for this rig.  There is a like new Corbin heated seat.  There are two circuits of Piaa lights.  The aftermarket exhaust was fitted to accommodate proper mounting of the chassis.  There are extra large BMW bags for added storage.  The bike has the 8.5 gallon GSA gas tank.  The rig is in excellent condition and ready to travel.  The price is $15k OBO.

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James, looks like a great rig, thanks for adding the photos, and the 2002 has the non-servo brake system, even better. Is all set up for running to Alaska or Newfoundland... BUT,

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Nice rig, GLWS