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Black Frame Brooklands Windscreen

Just bought another Ural. A 2017 cT with all black trim.
The sidecar windscreen is just not right for our needs. As with several cars I have built I want a Brooklands wind screen. They work perfectly for my monkey and our dog monkeys.
However, I am looking unsuccessfully thus far for a black frame Brooklands along with the mounting feet and wing nuts.
I know black ones are produced and made somewhere in England. I have had no joy in discovering a source for one despite all my internet searches.
I am concerned about painting or coating the readily available chrome models.

Can anyone help with my search?
Thanks in advance,

Check with Claude Stanley. He uses brookland style windshields on some of his cars.

I am not familiar with Mr. Stanley and do not know how to contact him. Would you assist with contact info?
Thanks in advance!

Well I just found a Claude Stanley on the ADV site and messaged him.
Again Thank You!