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Bandit 1200 with Texas Ranger - SLC

$7500 - SLC UT

Awesome running, awesome riding sport sidecar.  This is a ready to ride anywhere rig that turns heads around town and is a BLAST to ride in the canyons.  Gobs more power than a Ural and 100 lbs less metal. It tracks nice and straight with only one hand on the bars at speed, and overall has medium steering effort for a sidecar rig.

With skilled rider this rig absolutely rails through the corners in summer.  With the windshield and winter tires you can laugh at all the people who stop riding for winter. Notes:  USCA members I'll be much more willing to testride/jaw than the ad suggests and knock 500 off the top.  It's written for local classifieds.  This is a much reworked bandit with Wark/TSC hardware and holeshot engine kit optimized for torque+smoothness.  I'm happy to pick you up at the airport here and give you a map o' good roads if you fly n' ride.

Cool Stuff:

  • Ride in All Seasons - Comes with winter and summer rubber and windshield.
  • Fast - The Bandit is tuned for torque and reliability and runs awesome.  The front brakes are strong with great feel and the back is freshly rebuilt. 
  • Maneuverable - The front end is freshly rebuilt for pushing a rig around at speed, it has wide bars to reduce steering effort.  The sidecar bushing and pivots are all recently replaced. The pusher tires are mini cooper tires that stick to the road like glue.
  • Solid - The mounting hardware and sidecar frame are super stout with no flex or slop in the system anywhere.  The fiberglass of the sidecar is in great shape.
  • Looks Great - The paint on the Sidecar is straight up gorgeous.

Known Problems:

  • The bike seat is pretty ragged.
  • Sundry minor dings and scrapes, notably one rock hit on the inside nose of the sidecar and a dent on the upper right tank.
  • Cosmetic rust and grunge commensurate with a daily rider; no structural rust.
  • Fancy Progressive shock on the sidecar has a plastic collar that rubs the fender paint so there’s an ugly spot between tub and sidecar fender if you stick your head in there.
  • Cosmetic cap on the sidecar wheel is dented.

Test rides ok if you show up on a sidecar rig, otherwise you can hop in the tub and we’ll go to a parking lot where you can try it out safely.  Sidecars ride NOTHING like a 2-wheeler. 

contact me at:  435-NYEEEN OW WAN- 0955 or here or smokesignal or messages written on whiskey bottles.

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