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All-weather entire rig cover

Not looking for just a dust cover but don’t have a garage and need an all-weather cover for my rig (‘83 Goldwing w/Velorex tub). Tried the “Bike Barn”; hated it - sold it. Does such a thing exist? If so, and you have one you’re willing to part with, I’d be interested. Please let me know what you have and maybe we can make a deal. Thanks in advance.

Mtgent Hera a picture of my GL1500 and Hannigan 2+2 . The covers (two ) were made for me by Ez Touring covers. Best covers I,be ever had. Cost a bit but worth every penny. The sidecar cover is extra wide. Sent the ladies who own the company a drawing and it fit great. Live in Florida and during season the bike is dry as a bone after the usual downpours.

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