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97 Goldwing 1500 SE & Motorvation II

after many years of good service and lots of great memories it is time to sell my 97 SE rig and move forward with my next rig

I call this a turn key road ready fixer upper, it does need a little work but runs great and can hit the road as is.  

work needed

small oil leak on housing water pump bolts to, will update if I fix it before sold

right fork seal leaking, was rebuilt last year to include new bushings and sleeve but has started leaking again 

cosmetic work on sidecar as it is a work in progress but I have all original parts to put it back stock 

I can take more pictures if wanted

I will be happy to answer any questions

we are going to start with an asking price of 4,500.00 

we are located in Sav Ga and it will be at the National Rally in Mena this year 

PM if interested 



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Have you got this still available?  Does it have reverse? (Not a deal breaker)

Bob H.

2004 BMW R1150RS 

Sorry for the delay in response, we have been here in Arkansas all week for the National Rally .The rig sold here at the rally 

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