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92 BMW K100rs 4v/EZS rally For Sale

Pearl White K100rs/EZS Rally sidecar 55k miles very good condition. I bought this a year ago and have another k1100 rig I intended to sell, but things have changed.When I bought this one less than 2500 miles ago it had a new clutch, all splines lubed, new fuel pump,filter,plug wires etc. original owner I believe was a BMW tech he removed ABS and allot of odds and ends. Has top that's never been installed, new 14" tires trunk lid rack, both tally and short windshield for chair.

I had the tub bottom linex bed liner coated, sorted the brake system with all steel lines, got a new tonneau with zippered dog hatch ( Why have a sidecar without a dog) installed Parabellem windshield on tug and Klt bars for comfort and easier steering, has a fan switch to start cooling fan early. Several windshields and seat choices, a spare transmission and final drive.

It had one of Claude Stanleys swaybars but it really didn't change the handling, it caused the tub to be raised and added weight so I removed it.Older details here :

Rig is in SE MN I can help with delivery in lower 48 if reasonable (don't expect a 2000k mile round trip for free) I'm asking for 12.5K $ or best offer

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“Patience – A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.” ? Ambrose Bierce

This lovely rig needs a new owner seller is currently motivated.

“Patience – A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.” ? Ambrose Bierce