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85 GL1200 with Motorvation Spider sidecar

Years ago we raised two kids in this and earlier sidecars.  Went to every United Sidecar gathering and loved watching our kids grow up with our sidecar friends kids. Now it is time to give up the sidecar (alas!) We are the original owners. Stator was replaced about 7 years ago. Carbs rebuilt with randakks (expert, let me know if you want his contact information) kit. SS brake lines. The Motorvation sidecar was bought new in about 2005. The current paint job was done ~5 years ago. Just recently did the head gaskets.  Runs great.  We want $4500 cash for the full rig.  Will deliver within 200 miles of Christiansburg, VA for 50 cents a mile.  

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Has this been sold?

Not yet.  I am willing to sell the  sidecar separately.  Also, all offers will be considered.

Please contact me, I am interested in the whole rig. 

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