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650 Ural transmission modified for BMW motor

If you are looking to do a BMW/Ural conversion, I have parts:

Non-Herzog 650 Ural transmission, modified to mate to BMW motor.
Brand new, in the box BMW 7mm /2 clutch plate and diaphragm spring.
This transmission uses a centering ring. 
This transmission uses a modified clutch pushrod. 
I can provide a sketch drawing of the centering ring and the modified clutch pushrod. The centering ring should be laser or water cut, the clutch pushrod should be made from drill rod.
The modified transmission, new 7mm /2 clutch plate, new /2 diaphragm spring.....$700
If you would like me to provide the centering ring and the pushrod add $200
I also have 3.89 gear set if you would like to convert your 4.62 final drive to 3.89.....$75

All parts plus shipping.
The story on this transmission is this:

Several years ago, a friend wanted to convert his 650 Ural to BMW R100 power. I had his transmission modified to bolt to the BMW motor. He also changed his 4.62 final drive out for a 3.89 final drive. He said he loved the way it worked, and he drove it this way for several years. He had a Herzog transmission fall into his lap, so he thought he would like to swap out the original Ural transmission for the Herzog. I had the Herzog transmission modified, and he switched the final drive back to the 4.62 drive. He drove it like that til he sold it the end of last year (He built an R1150 rig). He also said that he liked the rig better with the 3.89 gears and the original transmission. I sent the the transmission to Terry Crawford for service. There are no problems with the transmission.

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