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650 Ural 2wd sidecar frame

I have most of what you need to convert your 650 1wd Ural to 2wd. I have:

2wd sidecar frame.
2wd sidecar swingarm.
2wd sidecar driveshaft.

You will need:

2wd swingarm
2wd final drive, or parts to convert you 1wd final drive to 2wd.

Frame, Swingarm, and Driveshaft....$500 plus shipping

I would prefer local pickup (Cape Elizabeth, ME), but will ship with additional handling charge, just because this is a pain to ship. It will require strapping to a pallet and taking to a freight terminal.

Uploaded files:
  • SC-frame-1.jpg
  • SC-frame-2.jpg