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40 chief Sidecar clevises

Hi, new member here, I was searching for parts and stumbled upon your group, cool!, I will sign up and get my membership going.

My Indian chief sidecar is in pristine condition, I have just finished restoring the driver a 1940 Indian Chief. When I went to hook up the car I found the previous owner had disconnected it and I did not get the parts, do you know anyone who makes or is selling the following "connection parts?

  • Front clevis (and related nuts and bolts).
  • Upper clevis (and related nuts and bolts).
  • Nuts and bolts for the rear clevis.


Check eBay, there are always some old mounting goodies on there.

I will do that, I checked the other day but nothing, I will put in a automatic search and see if anything shows up. Thanks!

Thank you, I will keep checking the link