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30mm Balls, Struts and Clamps needed. German style...

Need some stuff to attach a 1956 Zundapp KS601EL to a Danish 1949 ACAP.

30 mm balls on the bottom, eye and clevis on top.

I'd like to find some "tommy bar" captive flowers for the 30s and some longer metric struts for the top.
Swivel and sliding "J' arms and ID/OD tube clamps for the lowers could be ideal...

Used items OK with me as long as it is a substantial piece of hardware and metric.

4 points, got it all balanced out, even engineeered a dimensional graph for fabrication.

Let the fun begin!

Don in Nipomo

We have the ball clamps that have come off of Russian and Chinese sidecars, We make a few different eye bolts, we no longer make any of the 30mm balls.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30


If you want German parts, go to Germany. Try . Motorad Stemler is an old company with sometimes difficult to follow policies BUT, they have the parts! I've ordered from them and they supplied exactly what I needed. Stemler also sells vintage Zundapp parts

Another good source [and one in the US] is Benchmark Works. The owner, Vech, is very knowledgeable and very willing to help.

One more source [maybe] is Mark Hugget at . Mark is a GREAT supplier in Switzerland. He's prompt, correct, friendly and has a lot of almost unobtainable stuff. Vech is associated with him in some way and has most of what Mark has but if Vech can't help Mark usually can. I once asked Mark for an impossible to find lock for a BMW police radio box. Mark asked me to go back to the website in an hour. I did and the part was then listed. I ordered and got the part and a bar of Toblerone in short order. BTW, Mark is a British expat so he speaks better English than most of us do.

If those sources don't work out, came back and ask for more.

Good luck!

Hey Jay! I used your balls and eyes on my Greeves/ 560 Velorex.
Good hardware, wish the 30mms were still available. I'd be set at the four point on the bike. Eyes are holding up well also.

Thanks for the links Al, I've bought some floats for my Bings from benchmarkworks, got the plastic ones as spares.
I had to get my rings from Greece when I put the Zundapp back together... I haven't been succesfull buying things from Germany yet.

Who used those tommy bar flowers for the lowers. Was that a wartime or barnyard detail?
Is it just a fastener change out? Just a custom shanked bolt with hex and hole for a bar?

Thtanks for you help guys.
I straightened the rear buggy half-leafs and tiebar with a press, moving on to cleaning up the coil hardware on the front.
I need to heat and press the front lower arm back to flat. This sidecar chassis was specifically manufactured for a Nimbus, and it hits the right jug of the Zundapp.
I'm doing my best to retain the original mounts in case I ever get a Nimbus.....
Only the lowers are fixed balls and I can leave them in place.
Odd arrangement, the clamps being on the frame. Unique? Nimbus was odd.

The upper struts lowers clamp onto the 30mm?- 32mm? round sidecar rail.
I'd like to put new longer clamps that have multiple fasteners, the ACAPs are a heavy two bolt clamp,
stock struts on a Nimbus were just solid rod. I'll need to come up with some adjustable struts of a length yet to be determined
What diameter tubing are your rotating clamps for struts Jay? And I'm talking about the adjustment when I say rotating. Rotatable?

Don in Nipomo

One more thing...
Zundapps are built with bosses on the frame.
All hardware, balls and eyes, must be fastened with 16mm male or female.

Check with Perrys sidecars in Ft. Worth Tx. He used to make the balls. J.R.

Good lead JR! I spoke with Perry today and established email contact.
Sounds like he has a few crates of old German fittings and is one of the few people I know who have resurrected a KS601EL.

Here's a link to my Zundapp album if anyone is interested...

Don in Nipomo