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The Hannigan factory installed this 2018 very loaded Heritage on my '17 Harley M8 Road King in August of 2018 but illness and my age (pushing 80) has caused me to give it up. Probably shouldn't have done it in the first place but knowing when to quit is not one of my virtues. Anyway, the bike has been removed and the pristine sidecar is currently in storage. It is done in Harley vivid  black and includes hydraulic disc brake, electronic camber control, matching Harley wheel, chrome front and rear bumpers, chrome handrail, outboard headlight, hydraulic damper control, Steer-Lite triple tree assembly, accessory electric plug and seatbelt. There may be some things I've forgotten but my invoice from them was about $14,500 so I figure my price of $7500 is more than fair. This site doesn't seem to like my attempt to add pictures but I can send them on request. Thank you, (the other) Phil Donahue at 410.490.0810 Cell.

Called and left voicemail! Thanks 

Has that sidecar got the door in it?


Yes, it does.


Thanks for the reply. I wish it would look as good on my GW as it does on an HD.