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2014 Moto Guzzi 1400 with classic Freedom Sidecar

2014 Motoguzzi 1400

New rear car tire, front tire 9400 miles

Aftermarket exhaust, Rapid Bike fuel tuner

Freedom sidecar installed by Claude 

Price: $19500 obo

Kirk Lee, 602 502 6360  or,

great fly and ride back from Scottsdale AZ.  I will even offer a guest room for the evening.

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Please post the location of the rig for sale.  USCA classified rules require that you post a price, location and any special terms of sale.  Assuming no special terms, all we need is a location.  Thanks


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

602 area code would indicate he's in Phoenix, AZ

Yes Tom, a person could figure it out but the idea is for the person offering an item for sale to plainly state where that item is located.  We've seen dozens of listings in the past that showed a phone number and many of those posts were followed in short order with replies requesting the location of the item. It's just easier and not too much to ask from sellers who are getting free ad space.  I'm generally very pleased when a seller leaves contact information, so many don't.

Please see the February, 2015 sticky rules post

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Right. I realize that. I just thought maybe a mention of where he's at might help him get it sold even though he needs to add it to the listing. And NO I don't want the web site job. lol...