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2013 Goldwing F6B Hannigan G


***SOLD***. Selling my 2013 F6B Hannigan GTL rig. Was set up at Hannigan and has 37000 miles. Bike has the Hannigan Evaporative cooler (ac), removable roof, removable side curtains, 2 12v outlets, and is wired for honda communications. I added raked trees, a heated seat, rider backrest, a 6 gal aux tank gravity fed to the main tank. Would like to get $13,500 OBO for a well sorted out rig.  I will not separate the two.  I can email pics, it won’t let me upload them to the forum.



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Reardan Tom

   That sure is nice looking rig. To bad I'am not a Honda man, nothing bad just not my style. 

Very nice rig, Honda Red too.  Decent price for a well sorted, low mileage rig. 

Honda's are made for riding, not wrenching.  Honda reliability will keep you on the road longer. 




So where would one have to go to see this beauty in person

Hey Ace we are in Huntsville Al.

I think I will discuss this one with my wife, have to ask though, why are you selling it.

Hey Ace, it’s Steven and Rosie from the GA  Sidecar Club.  I am selling off a few rigs and just keeping one since we are not riding as much anymore.

well what do you know, Hi Steven. well OK then, let me mull it over with Monica.

another ?? does it have electric tilt/ trim

Sure does