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2012 Velorex 563 in north Alabama

SOLD! The sidecar is sold and headed to a new life in Missouri.

2012 Velorex 563 with Gustafsson low windshield. Original tall windscreen, unused top, top struts and unused brake cable in hand. Slightly faded canvas tonneau cover. Universal Velorex attachment fixtures, Superbright leds along with original incandescent lamps. Also includes a very new Avon 3.50X19 Sidecar duty front tire (can also be used as a rear). The tire date stamp is the factory sidecar tire and not the Avon.

Northeast Alabama, about two hours from Atlanta, 90 minutes from Birmingham and a bit over an hour from Huntsville.

you mentioned a buyer. Has he bought it or is it still up for sale?

Yes, the buyer picked it up Saturday and it's headed to Missouri.