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SOLD-2012 Harley-Davidson Road King with Liberty sidecar

I am selling my 2012 Harley-Davidson Road King with Liberty sidecar. I have owned it for one year. I bought it from the original owner last year. The bike and car were mated from new. The original owner is from Washington and bought the bike with the intention of mounting the car. He took the bike to Liberty shortly after receiving it from Sound Harley-Davidson and had the set up done professionally by Liberty. The rig has 10,514 miles on it and is in excellent condition. The milage will increase as my wife and I are still enjoying it. I removed the rear air suspension and installed Ohlins shocks. Asking $25,000.

I am located in North Las Vegas, NV.  I can be contacted by email at or phone at 702-540-4051 for questions and or more pics.

The rig has been sold.

Thanks for looking,


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Liberty sidecars, installed by Pete Larson at Liberty, are top notch sidecars. Very well made, and installed correctly.

That's a beautiful looking rig you have for sale.

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