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2007 BMW R1200GS with 2015 Freedom Sidecar CSM1A and Aluma 210 MC trailer. $18,500.

Rig located in Merrimac, Ma in a heated garage. Warn winch, car battery conversion, rear end gearing reduced by MAX BMW for superb tugging power, Heidenau K-block sidecar tire up front, 15 "car tire at the rear of the bike and chair. Custom paint to match the bike, mechanical cruise control, Hella light and BMW off road lights. All original parts from build out included. Rig is in very nice shape and an excellent runner. Thanks for your interest. Contact:

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Hey Robin, sounds like great rig. Post up some photos, will help with the sale.

Also tell us how to contact you, either phone or email. The PM service on this site is not activated yet.



I have spent some time on the road with this bike....It is probably the best balanced/handling side car rig I have ever my 50 plus years with side cars. Better than my own.

Thanks for the help posting


Is this rig still for sale?  

I can be reached at 503.235.0777


Willie Grace,

The ad is over 18 months old.  The rig might still be available but the seller probably doesn't check in here very often.

There's an email address in the ad. It's always better to be proactive, try direct contact instead of hoping that a seller will check back here.

Good Luck!


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota