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2007 Honda GL1800 Goldwing with 2015 Hannigan GLS Sidecar - $15,500.00

FOR SALE: 2007 Honda GL1800 Goldwing with 2015 Hannigan GLS Sidecar
100,445 miles on the bike


Comes with covers for bike and sidecar, rear hitch mounted aluminum rack, Hippo hands, second rear tire/wheel, one helmet intercom.

Bike has been meticulously maintained. I have all the service and maintenance records since I bought the bike in 2009. You will not be disappointed in the bike or sidecar. It is 100% road ready.

My contact info:
Phone: two-five-two-two-three-zero-three-seven-three-four
Email: johnhawleyjr at gmail dot com

Many more details about the bike and sidecar are in this video. Please view this video if you are interested. The video is about 40 mins in duration and I cover most every aspect of the bike and sidecar. If you have questions or wish for more information please let me know.

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Bump and lowered price. I was asking $16,000.00. Now asking $15,500.00.