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2005 Yamaha V-Max/2010 Champion Daytona 2+2

2005 Yamaha V-Max with 2010 Champion Daytona 2+2 with all the bells and whistles.  V-Max has Corbin seat, custom 4 into 1 sidecar exhaust on left side, custom headlight, adjustable boost, 8 gallon aux gas tank with electric switching between tanks, leading links (Unit Forks), block K front tire, automotive rear, progressive heavy duty shocks,  trailer hitch and has been  professionally rejetted and tuned.  Sidecar has electric lean adjustment (TILT), convertible top, 2 seater, seat belts, flip nose, sidecar brake with quick disconnect, vent, aux fog light, integrated turn/brake signals, passenger rear view mirror, cigarette lighter outlet.  Bike runs great, rig handles great, just under 22,000 miles on bike.  Sidecar carpeting is coming unglued due to hot, dry climate.  Some cracks developed in sidecar paint.  $10,000 OBO (bike was 13k new, sidecar was 12k), Bakersfield, CA.  Can ride it to you within approx 200 mile radius, otherwise you pick up or arrange transport.  It’s about 7 feet wide.  Still have most of take-offs but note you can’t use original exhaust with aux gas tank or orig air box with plumbing for aux tank.  Contact Karen at 661-706-1648 or  

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