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SOLD - 2005 Goldwing with Champion Daytona 2+2

Have loved and cared for this rig during the time I've owned it, but just picked up a new rig and need the garage space. This is a 2005 GL1800 in pristine condition with less than 17,000 miles. Sidecar is a Champion Daytona 2+2 attached in 2008. It has many upgrades including seat, floorboards, heel toe shifter, handlebars, grips, aftermarket gear indicator, speakers on bike and inside sidecar, bluetooth module added to stereo, cigarette lighter charger in sidecar, new battery and all tires (car tire on back of bike, rear bike tire on front of bike), two seat belts in sidecar, and new LED lights on all turn signals and low & high beam headlight. There are probably things I'm forgetting, but that gives you an idea of the upgrades. It also has a reverse gear which is crucial for a rig of this size!

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Wow that is a beauty, good luck with your sale. looks like someone will be getting a fine machine 

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USCA # 8913

That is a nice rig.  I recently sold the same setup in a different color. I found it too wide for my needs but loved it on the road. GLWS.

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