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2004 BMW 1150 GS Rig - South Dakota

I have three hack rigs, I need to sell at least one of them. So here is the one I just finished setting up last December.

2004 1150 GS that I have a DMC Expedition sidecar on. It has a EZS leading link front end. Car tires on the rear and sidecar. I have a ezs front car tire too but I took it off favoring a bike tire. I have a complete build

If you can sort thru all the jibber jabber you can see most of the details in my thread. I think the build starts about page 45 A few highlights:
2004 BMW GS
83,250 miles
DMC Expedition sidecar
EZS leading link front end
EZS 6” rear car rim/tire
17” front motorcycle rim/tire - steers way better than the EZS 6.0” front car tire
TFX rear shock
Icon front shocks
Custom exoskeleton steel frame
Custom subframe
Protaper high atv handlebar
GSA gas tank
LED blinkers/tail light
Final drive from a RS, I don’t remember the ratio but it’s in my thread
New clutch
High top pistons from a police RT
New rings and honed cylinders
New 1200 fuel injectors
New battery
New brakes
Sidecar brake, two peddle set up - not hooked up, needs a new line
New paint on sidecar and tank
New powder coat on original bike frame, exoskeleton frame, subframe, sidecar mounts, sidecar front rack
The DMC sidecar was unused when I bought it
New bike/ sidecar wiring and fuse box
There is more. But if you’re interested we should talk.

I have another set of heads with a new valve job. I also have another final drive from a 850 GS. Along with a ton of take off parts. But I’d have to sell these to recoup a few $s.

The bad
The bike was stolen and then re- titled as prior salvage. I couldn’t find any damage other than the messed up seat pan where they pried the locked seat off. It needs a new seat to fix this.

The current mileage is 83,250

The rig is in South Dakota. Im retired and I own a trailer so delivery can be an option. 

Uploaded files:
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I’ll just add my email address here. Best to send a email as sometimes I forget to check in here. 


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