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2003 Goldwing with Hannigan GTL, For Sale

2003 Goldwing with Hannigan GTL, new cooler, front tire and serviced in Nov 2018.
Rocket has been a blast to ride. We found a few problems with this sidecar with the kids. I can't hear them with the 
cabin cockpit down and it gets warmer than the adventure sidecars.

The rig has trim, was detailed in November and I have put 1400 miles since I purchased her. I will take additional pics in the morning

Asking 9800, Kirk 602-502-6360 in Scottsdale AZ

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Nice rig. Just saw this on C/L this morning. Two days late for me..  Good luck with your sale.

How many miles on the goldwing?

130xxx miles on her now, I just mounted a new cooling box and for a crack in the cooling coil that is being repaired next week


602 502 6360 call or text for more info

Kirk says this rig is still available.


Just saw this on adventure rider. Surprised it hasn't sold yet.. Nice looking rig.