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2002 BMW R1150R with Hannigan Sprint sidecar

Need a Winter project?

2002 BMW R1150R with Hannigan Sprint Sidecar
95k miles
Bad flywheel - currently not running. Repair in a shop (labor rate) is too expensive for me and
I’m not equipped to do the job myself. Otherwise bike is in good shape. Records are available. Car tire on rear, but stock rim is included.
Located in mid-coast Maine (Round Pond)

$3500.00 or BRO

Uploaded files:
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  • A2643591-6F53-47AC-82E7-0F41FDC0B6C3.jpeg
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Thanks for the update!


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Do you have any pictures. I might have room for another one.

I’ll post some tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

Hey, I have a n interest.. I have a tug without a mate.


Kirk, Scottsdale AZ 85258


602 502 6360  Let's talk.

Irv,is it still available ?

Wayne (302)632-4732


If it was closer I would take.

Irv I just sent you a private message. I’m not too far south of you for a retrieval, does it come with the trailer it’s loaded on too?