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SOLD - 2002 BMW R1150GSA/URAL Adventure Sidecar | Opening Bid $22.5K | 58K miles | $16K Refit | Seattle, WA

I refurbished this fine adventure touring sidecar for a client.  He passed away before he could take delivery.  Am offering this listing on behalf of his family as I know it best.  I am not a dealer, and am not making a commission or receiving any other financial consideration, am simply hoping to find a good home for this rig.

The short listing:

  • 2002 BMW R1150GS Adventure , non-ABS, odo has 58K miles on it, but motorcycle was re-powered with a newer TwinSpark (two spark plugs per cylinder) motor several years after purchased by original owner, the general manager of a major Eastcoast BMW Motorcycle dealership. DMC sidecar kit and URAL sidecar body were rigged to the motorcycle by the dealership's service department.
  • DMC Sidecars subframe, chassis, trailing arm, nose and tail rack
  • URAL steel sidecar body and fender assembly
  • LBS Leading Link Front suspension system
  • 15" rotary-forged modular automotive wheels all around
  • New Touratech black anodized panniers
  • New Odyssey battery, new BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires to include spare

For complete details, photos, and details on how to tender a bid, please see the offer listing on the website.  You do not need an account to view the listing.  Here is the link:


Uploaded files:
  • 20210808_2002_BMW-R1150GSA_URAL_14.jpg
  • 20210808_2002_BMW-R1150GSA_URAL_15.jpg
  • 20210808_2002_BMW-R1150GSA_URAL_16.jpg