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2001 Harley FLHRCI w/factory sidecar.

Approx. 23K miles. Road King Classic, so price includes original (3) chrome spoked wheels, covered leather saddlebags and matching detachable covered leather Tour Pack.

Fitted with raked triple trees and unique golf cart batteries in series attached beneath sidecar. See page 23 of The Sidecarist magazine for Sep/Oct 2020.

My progressive osteoarthritis forces me to consider selling.  Either that or  change to 'hand shift/foot clutch


Richard 360 918-8026 Washington State. 



That's a good looking rig. At that price it should be gone in no time. 

My daughter and I are interested in your sidecar rig

This is for anyone who sees an ad that they are interested in...

Many [maybe most] folks who post an item for sale here are not regulars on the list.  They see this as a good place to sell a sidecar or rig AND at least at the moment, the ads are free.  That said, Swanboro has been around for years so it doesn't apply here but it really is usually the case.

The point is, if you really hope to make a purchase and the seller has posted contact information, USE IT!  In this case Swanboro posted a phone number.  Sellers might not come back for days or months and in this case, even if the seller does come back Kenneth hasn't left a way for the seller to contact him. It would be a real bummer if a willing seller and an interested buyer just never connected.

As an aside, we are in the process of improving the private messaging system. And at the moment, the user receiving the message must look to see if they have any incoming messages by going to their profile.  That will be improved in the future but it might not be available to all users.


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