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2000 Ural Deco Classic w/2010 750 engine

Condition, kilometer-age (a few hundred more since photo) and accessories as per photos (note law enforcement saddle, original toolkit and manuals). Also Nippon Denso alternator, new starter, Ducati ignition installed along with brand new 750cc motor at 17,000 km. All receipts. Ridden regularly, long and short trips, over pavement and Forest Service gravel/dirt. Stoneaxe reliable. Honest 75 mph. Clear title to your hand upon cash to mine. You haul or ride away. Hot Springs, AR. Needs new reverse-throw set screw (part comes with) so as to fully engage reverse. (While I have it, I'd rather keep riding than spend time on the fix.) Spousal anxiety over progressive neurological impairment forces sale. Receiving responses at $4950.00

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