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2000 Honda Valkyrie 1500cc with Ural Sidecar in MN


Down payment received. Sale is pending.


The Valkyrie should handle the Ural sidecar with ease.  I have a 1998 Valkyrie (GL1500ct) with more than 130,000 miles and a Motorvation Formula II LTD sidecar and we love it.

We have had a few rigs over the last 20 years and the Valkyrie Ural set up has been the best yet. Unfortunately my wifes health forces us to sell as she cannot ride much so it just sits around.

@redbike - wondering about the angle of the windscreen on the car.  My engineering brain wonders if it is really as forward as it looks and how much resistance does it offer?  How much buffeting do you get with it that forward?

Good Eye Thane!

The windshield is just leaned forward abit because I was cleaning it out before taking the photos. It pivots forward making it easier to get in and out and goes through the wind nicely when in its proper position.

Red bike765,

It was nice talking to you. I am about 1800 miles away from you, otherwise I would consider it.

It sure is a nice bike with low mileage looking for someone lucky enough to get it in hurry. Good luck!

I had a 1998 Valkyrie Tourer with Champion Escort sidecar, matching paint job done to that sidecar and a lot of add ons like electric handgrips, cruise control, auxiliary 5 gal. Aluminum gas tank with electric pump in sidecar trunk, etc. Sold it in 2011 and I miss that rig. A few pix of it...


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I was great talking Valkyries with you and nice to see those photos of you beautiful green Valk!  I know I told you I was not interested in shipping this rig but I may consider that option as others have asked as well. I was told there are some sites where trucking companies and individuals bid on your loads and they can be fairly reasonable sometimes especially if they don't have a full load. I have also told people who wondered if I would split up the sidecar from the bike no. I am reconsidering that as well.  I may post just the sidecar in the other classified section.  Call the number listed above with any questions as I rarely check the site.

Down payment received. Sale is pending.