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Sold - 1999 BMW K1200RS with Hannigan SuperSport Sidecar

K1200RS has 66K miles in very good condition.  Sidecar also in very good condition with reupholstered seat, convertible top, and electric camber control.  Bike and sidecar are BMW Dakar yellow with checkered flag graphic.  It’s as fast as it looks.  Maintenance is up to date with records from 2012 forward.  New Works shocks installed at 44K miles.  Brake lines upgraded with Spiegler stainless steel braided lines.  Muffler, lights, and horn have been upgraded also.  Includes a mounted Garmin model 660 GPS.  Asking $9500.  Located in southern Wisconsin.  Call Jim at 608 347-5910 or email at

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Nice looking rig, looks fast just sitting there.

Good luck with your sale. 

USCA # 8913