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1994 Kawasaki Voyager x11 1,200 cc with Champion Daytona 2+2 sidecar will sell separately

Hello friends, This complete rig has been sitting for a long time around ten years, and will need some maintenance like all fluids changed and the carbs cleaned stuff like that. This rig has only 18,000 miles on her and it still starts right up ! There is a lot of pitting on the aluminum of the Kawasaki but the sidecar is very clean. We are located in North West New Jersey and are asking $5,000 or best offer this is a good deal for the right persons. Thank you please contact us with any questions we can email you more pictures. or text 908-343-4737 And yes we will sell separately and would be asking $3,500 for the sidecar and $1,500 for the motorcycle no reasonable offers refused. 

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Louis, Please post your c0ntact information so people can contact you.

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How wide is this rig? Trying to figure if it can fit on my little trailer.

Good morning Jeff I just checked for you its 78'' wide. Wow I think it would take a big trailer. LOL

Yeah. Thanks. I should  probably spend the money on a new roof anyhow... (Just for the house,don't worry, the garage roof is

Any chance this is still available. Let me know please

 text 908-343-4737