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1992 Harley FLHTC/1997 TLE Sidecar

A very well-kept rig. Tug is a 1992 FLHTC with 75,388 miles on it. 80 in. engine with head cooling fans, an Jagg fan-assist oil cooler and the top end was just done about 10K miles ago by a local, reputable shop. The engine has been updated to use head breathers (late '92 castings had the '93 breather bosses in them) so no oil on the floor. The primary drive has been updated to the 1997 ratio to drop the cruising RPM a little bit and the clutch has kevlar plates. I have two seats, one lowered by Saddlemen and the factory seat. I've added the factory parking brake as well. There is a Garmin GPS that is hard-wired in.  The Sony Marine Audio unit is backed by a BikeTronics interface so all of the handlebar controls work as expected. There is USB in the Tour-Pak.  The fairing sports a Klockwerks windshield and DynaMat for better sound.

The sidecar is a 1997 TLE that I added. It has an electrical inverter set-up so you can run small AC accessories if necessary. The hack seat folds down for access to the boot (I added the factory hinge set-up). The hack's windscreen is an aircraft-grade Lexan unit made by Cee Bailey. All of the connections to the hack are connectors, including a lossless quick-disconnect for the brakes. The paint on the bike is great (always garaged) but the hack is the same paint as when I bought it (just never got around to it, ya know?).  Tires are good as are the brakes. Everything works as expected. Rig runs true and pulls strong. I'll include a bunch of spare parts and the rig covers.

Contact me at I'm asking $12,500 but I'm negotiable if you aren't being insulting. Serious inquiries only. The rig is in Riverside, Ca.

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