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SOLD 1990 Sidecar

SOLD Sidecar Assembly, complete sans the chair. Just needs a bike to attach to. Should be a bolt-n-go for 1990- 1997 FL models. (Think that in 1998 they went to the disc brake?). The important pieces that attach the frame to the bike are all there as well (rear mount assembly, upper clamps, stabilizer, steering damper).

Couple of extra holes drilled in the front crossbar that is used for supporting the chair but will not affect the integrity of the bike.

Obvioulsy is gonna need new rubber. Fender has some scratches but is not all beat to heck. The only thing I did not disassemble was the brake hub from the wheel. I would assume it has the Red Locktite to keep the bolts in place. Did not feel like using heat to get at them and then having to repack the wheel bearings.

I chased threads on parts where needed to ensure they were smooth (even the 1/4-28 set screw holes on the rear mount assembly). Couple of nuts and bolts were added cuz they weren't there.

I believe the front fender marker light is OEM. It is missing the paper gasket. I added new T-bolts for the fender spears. I do not know if the rear fender light is OEM or aftermarket. It has some scuff marks on the lens and a chip on the plastic (see pics). The rear marker light is OEM. I have not checked the components but the bulb filaments look to be okay. Has the pigtail going from the fender to the bike. Looks like all you need is the connection from the bike.

I am located in San Jose CA (95139). Pick up will save you shipping costs. That said I will assist in getting it ready to ship for you. It is already a roller (added some casters). I will make a box and attach it to where the chair would go and wrap up all the parts. I can also remove the fender if that is needed and pack it as well. Doing so would reduce the dimensions and maybe reduce shipping costs? Without the fender the rough overall dimensions are 66" long, 48" wide, and 24" high). It weighs in at just around 200 lbs.

I have a total of 86 pics. I can only get two to load for some reason. I can provide my email so that I can send more.

Asking Price is $4200.

Location is San Jose CA 95139 (San Francisco Bay Area)
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Lowered price...$3500

SOLD. Went to Illinois